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5 Things you should know before your first day…that no one’s told you yet

August 30, 2011

You’ve received your degree in education, you’ve passed your Praxis, you’ve student taught, you’ve interviewed, you’ve taught a demo lesson, YOU GOT THE JOB!  The first day of school is rapidly approaching…  Are you prepared!?  Of course!  Are you excited?  Uh YEAH!  Have you planned your trips to the bathroom? Ye….wait…what?!  And so begins #5 on my list…

5) Plan your trips to the bathroom- You’ve probably never really thought about this but you need to at least know how long you will have between bathroom breaks at school.  We as teachers do not have the luxury of raising our hands whenever nature calls to leave the room.  Check your schedule, if you have more then 3 or 4 classes in a row make sure you make a trip to the bathroom before your stretch of classes begins, think of it as a long car ride.  In case of an emergency call the office, they should be able to send someone down.  Or even better, if you know a colleague who has a free period that time see if they can come and cover your for a minute.

4) Check the traffic- This might seems obvious but I don’t mean watch or listen to the traffic before work but actually scope out the scene by your school around the time you would normally get there.  The only trips before the year starts might have been your demo lesson/interview and perhaps your orientation/convocation.  Was this the same time you normally will have to go in?  Most of the time the answer is no.  Traffic might be worse when you are suppose to be in and you don’t want to be late.  What will the children do without you?!

3) Get a map- OK you don’t really need to get a map but you should know where all the “landmarks” are at your school.  Know the difference between the EAST Gym and the WEST Gym, the different cafeterias, where the child study team is, the guidance office, principal’s office, and most importantly the custodian’s office. You might need to make a trip to one of these places and if you do not have a lot of time you don’t want to waste it looking high and low around the school.  If someone tells you the pool is on the roof, don’t believe them.

2) Know the dress code- Again this might be obvious but then again it might not be.  You were told during your “New Teacher Orientation” that male teachers need to wear ties.  So what do you do?  You go buy an assortment of brand new multi colored snazzy…you’re proud of your shopping abilities because you found that JC Penny had a great 2 for 1 sale.  You rule.  Now you are into about week 3 of school and what’s this?  You see some of your colleagues have ditched the tie already.  You ask someone if this could be true and they tell you not to worry about it, that “they” don’t care.  Don’t fall for it.  If it is in your “handbook” or if you were told that the dress code requires a tie, then be safe…wear a tie.  Female teachers: see backless shoes and spaghetti string shirts.

1) Know who runs the school-  Pop quiz…who runs the school? The Principal? WRONG! Superintendent?  TRY AGAIN!  Okay, enough of that, and yes officially those people do run the school.  But you probably want to make friends with the seceretaries, tech department, and most importantly the custodians.  9 times out of 10 when you need something done it will be one of those three that you will be begging for help.  So be nice to them.  Hint: Remember them around the holidays and it will make your life MUCH easier!


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  1. Jennifer Brunet permalink

    Great tips! Hilarious and all true!

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