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Go Google yourself

August 31, 2011

Go Google yourself.  No really do it.  You know what I mean, you go onto Google and punch your name in to see what comes up.  If you haven’t done so then I suggest you try it, you might be surprised by the results.

What’s even  better is Google has what’s called “Google Alerts” where you can type in your name (or anything for that matter) and it will e-mail you whenever a Google result is added.  Here is the link to the Google Alerts Page

You obviously do not have to just use Google alerts for your name but anything you want to be notified of; your subject matter, your school, etc.

Why is this a helpful tool for a teacher you ask?  Here are 3 real instances where friends of mine used Google alerts:

1) A parent started a blog about a principal I knew just ripping them apart.  They were posting lots of unflattering things, attacking them personally and saying things that were flat out bogus.  The principal received a Google alert about the blog so he actually commented on the blog post…”Dear So and So, if you have an issue with my methods I suggest we set up a meeting so we can discuss the matter.  Thanks.”  All of a sudden said blog vanished.

2) A friend of mine gave her class a current events project that took place over an entire marking period.  After her students had picked out a topic, she had them set up Google alerts for their topic.  Now, instead of the students using a lot of class time to search every day for new material they already had a lot of great resources waiting in for them in their e-mail every morning.

3)  Be honest, you’ve been on there to check yourself out…and if you haven’t you probably will now.  With a Google alert set up for your name you will be notified when a new rating has been published.  🙂

Here is a web page I found that gives some tips on Google alerts for educators

Also, here is a link for “25 Exciting Google Apps and Tools for Educators“.

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