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Oh an oxygen mask? Yeah I’ll just figure that out…

September 9, 2011

Piggy backing off my last post, I really think that unless you are working mission control somewhere, the best way to learn technology is to submerse yourself in it and basically teach yourself. Use google, YouTube, message boards, etc. for help but the best way is by doing.

Today I was on a plane and when the flight attendent did her little performance like she always does. She went through the exit locations, floating devices, yadda yadda, and then explained how to use an oxygen mask…a life saving device… no one budged, no one’s hands went up, no questions no nothing. I was thinking to myself, if I have to figure out how to use this thing to save my life I am a goner. But when I try to explain to someone how to create a distribution list I get stared at as if I am growing a tiny alien head out if my shoulder and I never get passed the first step without stopping for 10 minutes to answer questions.

Maybe we should start trying to ‘wing it’ when it comes to technology and asking questions about more important things….like helping maintain the oxygen supply of another human being.


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