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Down but not out

March 16, 2012

“Although Mr. Puliatte isn’t present in class, he’s able to demonstrate to the class how the work is done. It’s the same teaching he provides in the classroom, except he’s doing it all from home.” -Senior, Joy Cho

Last week I had to get surgery on my ankle which has had me home, forced to stay on the couch with my leg elevated ever since.  Before leaving I put together some work for my students to complete in my absence but wanted to figure out a way to stay connected with them, so they wouldn’t be forced to a life of busy work for the immediate future.  I felt even if I gave them thoughtful work to complete I would still be doing them a disservice.  I looked into Skype and other ways to video chat with them so I thought I would give it a try.

By Skyping with them I would still have a presence if the class even if it wasn’t every day.  This would also expose my students to technology they might not used before, especially in the classroom.  The only preperation that was needed was for someone to make sure the computer and projector was turned on and I could take care of the rest from home.

So far it has gone even better than I have expected.  Even though I have been out for a little over a week I have still met with my class on a regular basis.  We have had discussions, gone over questions they have had about the work they have been doing and yesterday we had the closest thing to a ‘regular’ class since I have left.

I have used other software to manage what they see through the projector so while we are discussing topic I can pull certain things up from the internet, their notes, etc.  I have even been able to assess them by creating an online quiz that they had to complete and submit.

The student seem to be really into the whole idea of using all of this technology and I think they are getting  a lot out of it.

It is making a good thing out of a bad situation.

“The best part about this class over the last week is that students are able to learn the material normally, just like Mr. Puliatte is in the classroom. He would speak through Skype and show the course materials through his iPad-connected computer.” -Senior Student


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  1. J. Brunet permalink

    Awesome job!!!!!! First time I have ever heard of a teacher doing this. You go to any length for your students in the classroom and on the court! 🙂

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