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How to easily manage personal and professional accounts at the same time

March 20, 2012

***EDIT*** After I wrote this post I found some extensions that make this much easier; try “SWAP MY COOKIES”.

It must be a twofer Tuesday!  Another post just for you all 🙂

Like most of you I have many different social networking accounts; Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. and I am sure like me you have different accounts for personal and professional.  I might have more then some, for example I publish content on 8 different twitter accounts (yes 8), 3 Facebook accounts, 3 Pinterest, and so on…

The easy part is finding the material the hard part is keeping track to make sure everything goes in the right spot.  Especially publishing on the go.

Most social media now has some sort of bookmarklet that you can use.  Real quick a bookmarklet sits in your bookmarks toolbar so if you come across something you want to

publish to let’s say Pinterest you just click on your Pinterest bookmarklet and wham done.  It’s great.  But this leaves the door open for things to go in the wrong place.  And I am not even talking about just your social account ending up on your professional page, we’ve all had that nightmare right?  My personal account are not of X or even R-Rated by any means but do I really want a picture of my dog sitting next to a photo-shopped Eeyore on the front page of my school’s tech page?  Probably not…even though it is ADORABLE!

I am also talking about keeping professional accounts separate as well.  I publish some material for our basketball team as well as our tech staff developers; and would not want, a thorough blog post detailing, “How to reach your students using 21’st Century Skills” on our basketball site.  This all just makes things look less professional IMO.

Enter “Read it Later”.  Image

I found this, site/app and I love it.  There are many different variations to this type of program but what its used for is to basically bookmark things to, you guessed it, read later.  I found this extremely helpful when separating accounts.

What I do is mark everything I come across that I want to use on my social networking whether it be for school, work, personal, athletic, or just to…read later. (yes there is a bookmarklet for it).  With the bookmarklet all I do is hit the yellow icon in my address bar and it get’s added.  When I feel like publishing everything I sign into my different accounts and go over to my Read It Later list and that’s when I use the other bookmarklets to publish everything.  I have found it very, very, very useful.  Read it Later also works on your mobile device with applications like twitter, Flipboard, Tweetbot, and Pulse just to name a few.

Read it later also supports reading offline which I love.  I have added a snapshot of my reading list below and you’ll see I have all different types of things right there in 1 list.  Later I will go publish them to the appropriate places.

This also really helps when you think you’ve found something great and can go back and really look it over before publishing.  Or if you find what you have saved are just flaming globes, well then Sigmund, don’t publish it.

(extra credit for anyone who can identify the above reference)



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