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Two Quick Tips Cloud Printing and Same E-Mail Multiple Log In

March 26, 2012

Back to work today after 3 weeks home due to surgery.  It will be tough hobbling around but I miss my class and need to get to work in my office.  Here are two (semi random) tips for you.

1) Cloud Printing– If you have a Google Account and use Google Chrome, congrats, you have a wireless printer whether you know it our not.  As long as your home computer is connected to a printer then you can wireless print while using Google Chrome.  Just open Chrome, go to Preferences > Under The Hood > Enable Google Cloud Print.

That’s it!

2) A lot of social websites require you to have an e-mail attached to each user name and do not let you use the same e-mail twice (Twitter).  Here’s a quick work around:  If you have a gmail account you might have noticed some people seperate their first and lastname with a period.  Ex.  Well, that period means nothing to Google and everything to Twitter.  What I mean is whether you send your e-mail to or it gets delivered to Bob Smith.  So if you need to create multiple accounts for Twitter then just use your Gmail account but add some periods!

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